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Meet Lish from Imprintalish!

My name is Lish and I am the one and only behind Imprintalish. I created my blog in order to capture the small moments in life that might otherwise fly by. That was over two years ago and while I still stay true to why I started Imprintalish, my blog has grown tremendously since then and become more of a lifestyle blog with a focus on raising my two little munchkins! I love showcasing beautiful finds and inspiring photos, crafts, tutorials and everything in between! My Etsy shop specializes in Custom Digital Photocards and Photography Prints and was inspired by my love of blogging and photography. I hope you come on over and say hi, cause I love making new friends!

Blog & Etsy

Here’s a preview of some of my favorite prints from Imprintalish!

First, here’s one of Lish’s brand new prints – Snow Droplets on Grass. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the unique perspective.

Source: Imprintalish

This is another new photograph from Imprintalish – Snow Covered Pine Branch.  I think the green is so vibrant.

Source: Imprintalish

And how about this one – Dandelion Wisps Blowing in the Breeze?  I am currently in love with dandelions prints and stencils…so of course, I heart this.

Source: Imprintalish

I’m all about the color in photographs.  Lish does an amazing job capturing the colors – like the Cherry Blossom Trees and the Macro Blueberry Bush – beautiful color!

Source: etsy.com

Clicking on any of the photographs above will take you straight to the Imprintalish Etsy shop.  Go grab one today!

Imprintalish also designs custom photo cards.  Think of Lish the next time you need some!

Have a beautiful day!

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