Saturday Morning Science: Reindeer Edition

In Saturday Morning Science posts, I will be sharing science activities that you can do with your little ones with materials you most likely already have.  (Many of the activities you have seen before, but I think little reminders are always good.  I hope to share some new ideas, too!)  Children are naturally curious.  Letting them explore and discover the world around them helps build a foundation for future science learning.  {I got the name for Saturday Morning Science from a lecture series I used to attend at the University of Missouri.  On Saturday mornings, scientists share their research with the public in an hour long talk.}


Since today is Christmas Eve, I wanted the science to be Christmas focused.  Regardless of your opinion on Santa {read my thoughts here}, I thought learning about reindeer would be fun.  I’m going to share facts about reindeer with you.  Your job is to share the facts with your children.  You could also read books about reindeer.  You can do crafts about reindeer (I’ll include some links), and you could make a reindeer snack.

Source: via Trisha on Pinterest

{Information from the Smithsonian and the San Diego Zoo}

Reindeer live in the Arctic.
They eat mosses, herbs, ferns, grasses, shoots, and leaves.
In the winter, they eat lichen.
Reindeer are covered in hair from their nose to the bottom of their feet.  The hair traps air.  This gives them insulation to help keep them warm.
Reindeer are excellent swimmers!
Reindeer noses are designed to warm the cold air before it enters their body.
They have a great sense of smell.
Reindeer are most likely the same species as caribou.
Reindeer are smaller than caribou.
Reindeer were domesticated a long time ago.  Today they are herded by many people around the world.  They are used to pull sleds, and they are farmed for their meat, milk, and hides.

You can see live video of reindeer here.

Visit the Reindeer Barn at to read stories about Raymond the reindeer.

Reindeer Crafts

Lorie from Reading Confetti has created Santa and Reindeer Handprints.

Source: via Trisha on Pinterest

Another idea from Life in Motion Photography.

Source: via Trisha on Pinterest

I’m sure there’s tons more, but I think you get the idea.  Learn a little about reindeer, and enjoy your Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas,

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