When to start oil massage for newborn baby

massage for baby

Generally, children have always been rubbed with oil before a bath; this is still popular today, because it has terrific benefits over rubbing creams and creams. A common circumstance: Well, not quite– here’s how to get it.

Advantages of Baby Body Massage for Your 0-12 Months.

Baby Massaging in an appropriate way, at the correct time, and by utilizing correct oil can really be useful for our child.

  1. Feeling of Security: The direct contact time that a mom invests while breastfeeding and rubbing throughout preliminary couple of days of her child assists infants to feel safe and secure and safe. Rubbing a baby promotes a strong bond, assists them to weep less, assists control their breath, and keeps the baby warm.
  2. Enhances Blood circulation: Massage assists to enhance the blood circulation in your baby’s body. For this reason the more time the mom devotes to rubbing these parts, the much better is the blood circulation and for this reason baby’s growth. Thus choose best natural oil for baby skin.
  3. Enhances food digestion and defecation: The vagus nerve links the brain with vital parts of body, consisting of the stomach. Massage promotes these nerves, for this reason enhancing food digestion and defecation, assisting your baby to grow.
  4. Soothes and unwinds the baby: How do you feel after an excellent massage? Relaxed? The same way, moderate massage relieves your baby and makes them relaxed and less distressed. They feel loved and looked after.
  5. Enhances colic: A mild massage can be useful to release trapped gas and for this reason relieve a baby who has been colicky. Flexing the children knees upwards so that they touch the baby’s abdominal area can assist expel gas and this can be done when rubbing the baby.
  6. Calm react to tension and discomfort: Baby massage assists your baby react more calmly to tension and discomfort. Regular massage makes children less picky and more comfy in their environment.
  7. Enhances and manages your baby’s sleeping patterns: If provided at the appropriate time, massage enhances and manages your baby’s exhausted muscles.
  8. Brain activity for early children: Infants who are born too soon react to massages by developing a more steady brain activity at a typical level.

oil massage for baby

When To Start Massaging for Your Baby?

All of us know that for a newborn, touch is the first sense that establishes. It also relieves and unwinds them. Even when we get older, a mild touch or a peaceful stroke can assist us relax and recover. Hence, unless he/she is early or it is clinically encouraged, baby body massage can be begun right after the birth. Most moms choose to wait for a couple of days to make a massage regimen. For early children, it is a good idea to wait atleast till they in fact reach their due date.

How Do I Massage My Baby?

After picking an oil and a comfy time for rubbing the baby, the next action is to begin with the massage. Make him comfy on a mat in a warm and comfortable room. The little baby must be comfy and not starving or bored. Clean your hands and take some oil and begin rubbing the soles of baby’s feet. Ensure your strokes are mild yet firm, and smooth and soft. The hands ought to move down to upwards in a circular motion.

Start from upper body massage by making mild strokes in towards the chest from the shoulders. Head for the arms from the shoulders to the wrists. Massage baby’s belly carefully with circular clockwise strokes, this also assists release gas.

How Can I Rub My Baby To Sleep?

How do you feel when you are getting a massage yourself? Wandering away to sleep as your body unwinds and mind cools down, isn’t it? Rubbing uses the same convenience to infants too, and most infants feel drowsy and relaxed by the end of it. Some children even drop off to sleep throughout the massage! When you are rubbing your babies less than 12 months to sleep, first thing is to ensure that you dedicate this time to her.


Keep all things you require helpful – towels, diapers, massage oil, and a baby pillow. Work your way from the baby’s feet to the head, slowly and slowly, talking and singing to the baby in low tones. Make certain the room is conveniently warm, and there are no interruptions – keep the room lights low and dim. As you follow the essentials of rubbing a baby, make certain your motions hurt and progressive, and the baby looks comfy. End the massage by snuggling your baby and informing her just how much you love her. Sets the best start to an excellent night’s sleep!

Train Counting Puzzle

Does your little one love trains?  How about puzzles?  Let’s add some counting to the mix for good measure, and we get a Train Counting Puzzle.  My inspiration for this was the Caterpillar Counting Puzzle I talked about yesterday.

This is what we did.

I cut three cereal boxes into squares/rectangles.  I thought Jamie’s idea for painting in a baggy was a brilliant idea.  So we tried it.

Aiden pretty much hated it.  I tried to sell the idea by showing him how the paint squished around.  I even pulled out a rolling pin so he could flatten it.  Yeah, not so much.  He wanted to use a paint brush.  This didn’t work in the baggy, so he just opened the bag and that was the end of that brilliant idea.  Maybe it will work for you though.  Jamie’s toddler loved it.

I gave in and let Aiden paint with a sponge brush not in a baggy.  I squirted some paint onto the cardboard and he went to town asking for more paint ever so often.

Aiden would choose to have all of the colors on every cardboard piece if I let him.  Did you notice that on his paper bag art piece?  Most everything he paints turns out gray.

I carefully limited his color choices so we would be able to vary the colors of the train.  I did let him use all of the colors on a couple of the pieces.

I painted edges after Aiden was done painting each cardboard piece.

We let the cardboard pieces dry while we went off to play.

Later, I turned our painted pieces into train cars and an engine.  I rounded corners on some of the cars and cut various shapes out to make the train.  I had a super fun time cutting out the circles.  I had a few circles leftover from our Valentine Matching Games, but not enough for all of the train.  I should have pulled out my Silhouette to let it cut out the circles for me.  Instead I traced the bottom of a paint bottle and cut the circles by hand.

I put together the engine and glued on the wheels.

Now for the puzzle creating part.  I just cut out a random shape from a train car and attached it to the car/engine in front with a skinny rectangle in between.While I was turning the train into a puzzle, Aiden decided it would be a good idea to color on the train cars with crayons.  Who am I to stop him?

I put the train puzzle in order and numbered the cars.  Then, I added animal stickers to each car.  Train car number 1 received one bear sticker, train car number 2 was allowed two snake stickers, etc…  Aiden was off doing something else at this point, otherwise I would have had him add the stickers to the train cars.

That’s it!  Aiden put the train together and we counted the animals as he did this.  Then, he decided it would be fun to march around the train to “The Ants Go Marching,” so, of course, I broke out in song so he could march.

Left click on the train image to view a bigger size.

We paired the train counting puzzle with some books as well.

We read 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle  {It’s a counting book about a train full of animals – how fitting!}

We also read Skippyjon Jones 1, 2, 3 {a board book that counts some of the things a naughty kitty gets into}

Lastly, we read a Thomas the Train lift the flap book.  No numbers or counting in this one {except for the numbers on Thomas and James}, but it is fun to see the things under the flaps.  You could always count the things you find.

I’m linking up with my favorite places.

What are your favorite train or counting books? {bonus for both}


Drawing Games

I want to share with you a game that Aiden and I have recently been playing.  He loves to color, and he especially loves it when I color with him.  He points to the paper wanting me to draw on it.  I draw something, and he says what it is.  I mostly draw shapes, numbers, and letters.  If he doesn’t remember the name of the item I drew, he waits for me to say its name, then he repeats it.  He’s not very good at saying some words, so he makes up his own version of the word.  Frog has become fuff; circle is sirsel; you get the idea.  Aiden points to another spot on the paper, and I draw something there.  Sometimes I draw more complicated things.  I drew a picture of Daddy (he has curly hair).  Aiden said, “Mama.”  I had to laugh.  I said, “That’s Daddy!”  Aiden exclaims, “Daddy!”  Apparently, I am a horrible sketch artist!

You can see that Aiden has colored all over the paper. Then, he had me draw in specific places.

Daddy gets in on the fun, too! Most of this page is his sketch work. He drew the curly haired figure this time, but it’s definitely not a self portrait!

 Here’s a summary of the game:

  1. Grab some paper and a writing utensil.  Crayons are great.
  2. Draw a shape, a number, or a letter.  (Or if you are brave, you can draw an animal or person.)
  3. Ask your little one to tell you the name of the item.  (“What shape is this?”  “What number did I draw?”  “What letter do you see?”)

 This game keeps Aiden occupied for quite some time.  And the best part?  He is practicing what he knows and learning at the same time.

 This also works for practicing and learning colors.  Just ask your little one about the color of your drawing.  (This is why I said crayons are so great.)

 One more tip:  I keep a mini composition book (it’s smaller than my wallet) and some crayons (or at least a pen) in my purse.  This drawing game provides a wonderful means of entertainment when you are in a place that your little one cannot run around (waiting rooms, lines, church, restaurants, etc.).  It can be a silent game if you just take turns drawing things.  A bit of a warning though:  If you usually play this game while talking about what you draw, don’t expect your little one to understand when you want him to play the game silently.  He’ll mostly likely yell out everything you draw even if you don’t want him to.  That’s what Aiden does anyway!  Not to worry though – most people find it adorable to hear him calling out letters and shapes – it’s way better than a screaming child!

Try a drawing game with your little one soon!  Let me know how it turns out!