Nap Time Treasures

One of my favorite things to do with Aiden is to curl up and read a few books.
We do this randomly – whenever he wants.
But we also read before nap time.
{Patrick reads to Aiden at night time.}
Aiden chooses a few books – 3, 6, whatever.
We sit in the rocking chair in his room and just read for awhile
getting lost in the stories
spending time together just the two of us.

After reading, I get hugs and kisses.
Aiden climbs into his little toddler bed.
I cover him up with his blankets.
And then, I sing to him.
He requests songs now –
I used to just sing one or two songs.
Now he asks me to sing 4 or 5 songs.
He requests
“grace” {Amazing Grace},
“baby {Hush, Little Baby},
“sunshine” {You are My Sunshine},
“trees” {the chorus of the Beautiful Trees song from Sid the Science Kid},
and “twinkle” {Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star}.

“Good night, Aiden.  Sleep well.  I’ll see you when you wake up.”
“Night, night, Mama!  Mama, night, night!”

And then there are the days {like yesterday}
that he refuses to take a nap.
He gets up and plays instead.
These days are pretty rare, but they usually end up something like this:

Aiden fell asleep in the car while we were running errands before dinner.
He didn’t wake up when I took him out of the car.
I put him down on the couch while I made dinner.
Sweet little boy.

I know nap time will be gone one day.
Aiden and I will still make time for just the two of us.
But for now, I treasure our nap time.

What do you treasure today? 


Thanks for reading!

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