Handmade Christmas

This year I decided to make a lot of the gifts we gave people.

I used Shutterfly to make photo books of Aiden’s first 2 years for his grandparents.  Here’s a sample of some of my favorite pages.

I painted a shirt with dandelions for my niece. {I wish I had a picture for you!!}
I had intentions of painting a shirt for my other niece but her shirt was ruined by ink in the washer! The shirt I found for her was red and had cute rufflie sleeves – there was only one. I was so sad the ink destroyed it. I always check pockets. I think the pen was just in the pile of clothes…my Aiden probably put it there.
I made my niece a necklace instead. {Wrapped without taking a picture, too!}

Patrick, Aiden, and I made cookies for everyone.  I forgot to tape one of the cookie tins, so the cookies fell out when they were shipped.  Good thing I sent them more than one tin!

We made tons of ornaments.
We did salt dough.


This one is stamped with an owl. Aiden loves owls!

We did thumbprints in clay inspired by Stephanie’s post here.


Aiden’s thumbprints and initials.

 We filled, painted, and glittered glass balls.  See my inspirations here.


I made Christmas cards using Aiden’s drawings.  See post here.

My favorite thing I made was a set of birds inspired by Jessica Jane’s ornament tutorial.


The lighting in my apartment is horrendous! New house next week!!

I had so much fun creating this Christmas season!  How about you?


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