Goal for the Week: Fold the Laundry

Yes, I know what your thinking – your goal is to fold the laundry?  Well, it’s something I have been struggling with lately.  I really HATE to fold laundry.  Right now I have 4 full baskets of clean laundry.  I don’t mind washing it and drying it – that’s the easy part.  Folding laundry takes time.  Time I would rather spend doing something else.  I think part of my aversion also has to do with Aiden trying to help me fold the laundry.  He is a good helper with some things.  He loves to help empty the dishwasher – he puts away the silverware, stacks cups, and hands me other things to put away.  He is also a good helper when it comes to putting away groceries.  He takes things out of the bags and hands them to me, so I can put them away.  He is not, however, a good helper when it comes to folding laundry.  It’s not for lack of trying on his part.  He takes clothing out of the basket and hands it to me, but he does not wait for me to fold the item before he hands me something else.  I end up with a pile of clothes on my lap or on the floor.  Sometimes I get out 2 baskets – one full and one empty.  This helps a little.  He will place the clothing from one basket to another for a while.  Then, the clothes end up all over the place.  He also tries to help me place the clothing into my sorted piles.  He ends up knocking them over or unfolding them.  I am patient with him.  We say the names of the laundry items; we talk about their colors; we point out letters, numbers, shapes.  I try to give him tasks to do – fold up wash cloths.  He tries, but they just end up in a cute little pile.

This week it is my goal to fold the laundry (and to even let Aiden help).

Update on last week’s goal to keep the kitchen clean:
I met my goal.  {applause, please}  I kept the kitchen clean all week.  I did the dishes after every meal.  Even when I didn’t really feel like, I did it anyway.  It has now become part of my routine.  I like having my clean kitchen!

Your turn.  It’s time for you to set a goal.  What’s something that you want to work towards this week?  Start small.  Remember my first goal was to keep the kitchen clean – not the house.  The kitchen is the hardest room for me though and it bothers me the most when it is dirty.  So that’s where I started.  Little changes here and there to make a difference.  🙂

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