Dress Up Fun

After Halloween is the perfect time to talk about playing dress up.  You can find costumes leftover from Halloween for a really good price.  They usually sell out after the price comes down the day after Halloween.  {Things to think about for next year.}

Aiden has so much fun dressing up in different costumes.  The ninja was this year’s costume.  The pumpkin was an after Halloween sale find.

The sword will be a fun prop long after he outgrows the costume.

The hat is too small, but Aiden likes to sit it atop his head anyway.

Aiden also loves playing with different hats (usually borrowed from Daddy).

This is a hat from my childhood. It’s one of Aiden’s favorites.

Of course, you can always add extra props to the costumes and hats.

Add a leftover bucket from Halloween and some leftover Easter eggs {what a combo!}, and you have a recipe for fun.

Don’t forget your trusty stead.

Fun with hats is not complete without a horse and a washcloth??

Aiden also enjoys borrowing other pieces of Daddy’s clothing and his shoes.  Although he tends to put the shoes on backwards (point in the wrong direction).

While you are out looking for leftover Halloween costumes, you can also stop by your local thrift store.  They’ll have items you can use for costumes as well.  Look for fun hats, animal ears, feather boas, and scarves to use as props.  Buy some button up shirts in a few sizes larger (or use some of your old clothes).  Let your imagination run wild.  You’ll have fun shopping for dress up clothes.  Your little one will have fun dressing up.

What tips or ideas do you have for playing dress up?

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