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I want to share with you a game that Aiden and I have recently been playing.  He loves to color, and he especially loves it when I color with him.  He points to the paper wanting me to draw on it.  I draw something, and he says what it is.  I mostly draw shapes, numbers, and letters.  If he doesn’t remember the name of the item I drew, he waits for me to say its name, then he repeats it.  He’s not very good at saying some words, so he makes up his own version of the word.  Frog has become fuff; circle is sirsel; you get the idea.  Aiden points to another spot on the paper, and I draw something there.  Sometimes I draw more complicated things.  I drew a picture of Daddy (he has curly hair).  Aiden said, “Mama.”  I had to laugh.  I said, “That’s Daddy!”  Aiden exclaims, “Daddy!”  Apparently, I am a horrible sketch artist!

You can see that Aiden has colored all over the paper. Then, he had me draw in specific places.

Daddy gets in on the fun, too! Most of this page is his sketch work. He drew the curly haired figure this time, but it’s definitely not a self portrait!

 Here’s a summary of the game:

  1. Grab some paper and a writing utensil.  Crayons are great.
  2. Draw a shape, a number, or a letter.  (Or if you are brave, you can draw an animal or person.)
  3. Ask your little one to tell you the name of the item.  (“What shape is this?”  “What number did I draw?”  “What letter do you see?”)

 This game keeps Aiden occupied for quite some time.  And the best part?  He is practicing what he knows and learning at the same time.

 This also works for practicing and learning colors.  Just ask your little one about the color of your drawing.  (This is why I said crayons are so great.)

 One more tip:  I keep a mini composition book (it’s smaller than my wallet) and some crayons (or at least a pen) in my purse.  This drawing game provides a wonderful means of entertainment when you are in a place that your little one cannot run around (waiting rooms, lines, church, restaurants, etc.).  It can be a silent game if you just take turns drawing things.  A bit of a warning though:  If you usually play this game while talking about what you draw, don’t expect your little one to understand when you want him to play the game silently.  He’ll mostly likely yell out everything you draw even if you don’t want him to.  That’s what Aiden does anyway!  Not to worry though – most people find it adorable to hear him calling out letters and shapes – it’s way better than a screaming child!

Try a drawing game with your little one soon!  Let me know how it turns out!

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