Caterpillar Puzzle

Recently, Aiden has been playing with this caterpillar puzzle from Leap Frog given to him by his Aunt Heather.  It is helping him to learn his numbers.

We first put the puzzle in order.  I ask Aiden to find a number, and then he or I put it in the correct spot.  {He attempts to place the puzzle piece correctly.  If it doesn’t immediately go where it should he asks me to place it.  We’re working on this…}

After the numbers are in order {or whenever Aiden feels like it}, he places the words into the puzzle.  I read a word to him and he finds the corresponding number.  More often, he matches the colors to find the correct placement.

We also count the critters that are on each of the pieces.

Come back tomorrow to see how we made our own version of the puzzle!


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