Aiden’s Room: Wall Decals and Bookcase

Have you ever used wall decals or stencils in your decorating?
Before Aiden was born, I saw found these Alphabet Zoo Re-Stik Wall Decals from Blik.
I fell in love with the animals and the blue color.
I bought them and decorated Aiden’s nursery with them. {no clue where pictures of his nursery went.}

Because they are the Re-Stik kind of wall decals, I was able to take them down and move them with us to Florida.
I finally got around to putting them in his new room.  {View the empty house tour here.}
In our old house, the wall was painted blue, but here the bedroom walls are just white.
I wasn’t up for painting yet, so I just put the wall decals up.

The Re-Stik decals went on just as easily the second time around.
You should really keep the plastic backing they come on,
but somehow I neglected to do so.
All that was available {and not packed} was wax paper,
so we {and by we I really mean one of my nice friends} carefully placed the decals on the wax paper.
I was a little worried the decals wouldn’t come of the wax paper and I wouldn’t be able to reuse them.
Thankfully, they came off easily.

What do you think?

I like placing the decals above the bed because I’m a little paranoid about hanging something on that wall.  Will it fall down on top of Aiden?  Yeah, probably an unfounded fear, but still…the decals make me feel better.

Also on this wall is a bookcase {securely attached to the wall}.

When we sold our house in Missouri, my friend helped me stage it.  {It sold in 4 days btw.}
One thing she taught me was staging a bookcase.
Do you see what I’ve done?

Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t pack the bookshelf with books from edge to edge.
  • Vary the way you stack books.  Stack some shelves horizontally and some vertically.
  • Place objects {toys in my case} on top of books or in the empty spaces next to the books.
  • If you’re not staging to sell, do whatever is pleasing to you.
  • If you are staging to sell, do whatever is pleasing to most.

I’ll share more of Aiden’s room another day.

Thanks for dropping by!

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