Aiden’s 2nd Birthday

Aiden’s 2nd birthday went like this:

  • Wake up to Mama singing Happy Birthday.
  • Eat blueberry muffins for breakfast.
  • Open first present (Cars t-shirt)
  • Play
  • Eat lunch
  • Play
  • Nap time (Cars t-shirt in the wash because it got soaked…)
  • Daddy wakes Aiden up for party (puts on Cars t-shirt again)
  • Aiden sees Cars banner and balloons – face lights up.
  • Eat pasta dinner.
  • Open some presents in front of Grandma and Pa on video chat.
  • Eat dark chocolate cupcakes iced with dark chocolate mousse.
  • Open more presents while video chatting with Maw Maw and Pa Pa and Aunt Heather and cousins.
  • Play with new trains for a few minutes.
  • Go to the zoo’s winter wonderland – ooh and aah over lights, train, and animals.
  • PJs on – play with trains.
  • Bedtime – request Happy Birthday.
  • Aiden stays awake in his bed for another hour singing “day, day, day” – his version of Happy Birthday.

And some pictures! {I love his faces!!}

babyI LOVE my sweet little boy!


Thanks for reading!

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