About Me

My name is Trisha.  I am a mom, a wife, a teacher, a writer, a science nerd, and a student of life.  Follow along as I share with you my adventures with an almost 2 year old boy, how we navigate through life, and how we should trust in God through it all.

My Prayer

Lord, thank you for making me the person that I am.  Thank you for surrounding me with people who love me.  I pray that you will give me the courage to follow where you lead.  I pray that you will help me be the mom, the wife, the person that you want me to be.  I trust wholeheartedly in you, Lord.

About Clarion Wren

A Clarion Wren is a songbird on a small island (Clarion) off the coast of Mexico.  By definition clarion means brilliantly clear.  It is also a medieval version of a trumpet.  I would hope that my writings are brilliant and clear.  You can be the judge of that.  Let me know what you think!