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I wanted to give you a tour of my blog to give you a better picture of what I blog about and to showcase some of my older posts you might not have read yet.  This is especially useful if you are viewing the mobile version of my site or if you seeing my posts in a reader.

If you are viewing the full version of the site, you’ll notice the menus under the header.  (In the mobile version, you should find those at the very bottom.)

Adventures with Aiden:  Here’s where I blog about all things toddler.  You can find indoor activities, nature adventures, reading and learning time, and Saturday Morning science.  Do you need a fun way to practice learning colors with your little one?  Try creating a rainbow out of your toys.

Creative Attempts:  Don’t you just love this title?  You’ll find my crafting and design adventures along with toddler art and family recipes.  Have you seen the heart-shaped cheese crackers yet?  I’ve placed the printables I’ve created in the this section, too.

Trisha’s Thoughts:  In this section, I blog a lot about my faith.  You’ll also find a section I call parenting choices – it’s about decisions we make as parents.  There’s randomness in my thoughts section as well.

Next, you have to check out my right sidebar.  {You’ll have to go to the full site to do this.}

At the top you’ll find all the ways you can contact me.

Then, you find a search box and a list of my recent posts.  Would you like to have Clarion Wren sent to your e-mail?  Sign up in the box on the right.  You can also follow me on Bloglovin and Pinterest or Google+ my page.

Next, you’ll find my awesome sponsors.
PawTrackers Boot Wraps is my sister-in-laws brainchild.  They are super cool.  Why buy several pairs of boots when you can just wrap them to change their look?
I swap buttons with Small Bird Studios and The Williams Post.  You should really check them out.  Interested in swapping or sponsoring – let me know!

Scroll down and you can find some of my most popular posts and my archives.
No Bake Lasagna {uses the best marinara or meat sauce ever}.
Need some ideas to beat the rainy day {or stuck inside winter} blues.
Have you read the Focus on Reading Series my friend, Rachel {a speech-language pathologist} wrote.  Rachel shared strategies for reading to our young children.  I added a list of books for each reading stage and a DIY picture book idea.

Last fun tidbit:  Did you know that I have CommentLuv enabled on Clarion Wren?  That means when you post a comment, you have the option of adding a link to one of your recent posts.  I love to check out what other people are writing.

What are some of your favorites posts {of mine or yours}?
Is there anything about Clarion Wren I should change?

Thanks for taking the tour!

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